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Hide? Wtf you on.

I really enjoy looking on your tumblr so I can laugh at how much of a fucking shallow minded, self centred dick you still are.


The sweaty pit in Wayne’s Bar #waynesbar #nice

Hard Rock Cafe Nice 🎸🍹🍸


✈🌞 #nice #France #cotedazur #holiday

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without some @melshoes_us :)


Formation Lap #f1 #Silverstone #Silverstone50 #rosberg #vettel #button #hulkenberg #magnussen #hamilton #perez

Austin Healy, pretty little motor!

#Silverstone #f1 😁


Find it really funny, you’d be absolutely nowhere if it wasn’t for me and I never even got a thank you. Apprenticeship, job, uni, rowing, cycling. Wasn’t I the one that encouraged you to do what you had the potential to do? When I met you, you barely left your bedroom, had no job and nothing going for you. If I hadn’t been the one to kick you up the arse you’d probably still be there. Eventually you thanked me by cheating on me and finishing me. Pfft. Dodged a bullet there!

Thanks to @melshoes_us for feeding my jelly shoe addiction once again. And thanks to @official_dorothyperkins for the little toothpaste in with my delivery! Perfect for holidays! Happy Emma 🌞